Enjoy the Colors & Sounds of Spring with Your Family...Young & Old!

Enjoy the Colors & Sounds of Spring with Your Family...Young & Old!

As I write this I've just finished feeding live mealworms to my Purple Martins who arrived on March 15th, just like the Missouri Department of Conservation calender said they would.  If only it weren't so cold, no bugs are flying.  I believe the warmth I receive in my heart knowing I'm helping keep them alive after their long journey back from Brazil is equal to the warmth and nutrition they receive from me.  As a side note, feeding live mealworms is also the absolute best way to attract Bluebirds and other insect eating birds to your yard!

As I woke this morning all the birds were singing loudly as males were trying to catch the attention of their chosen females.  Encouraging nesting birds like Cardinals, Robins, Wrens, Woodpeckers, etc. is a great way to increase the variety of birds in your yard.  At Songbird Station, we have a nest box for every native species that utilizes them in MO, from Bats to Woodpeckers.  We have multiple types of nesting material to help birds construct their nest.  Utilize these and you'll have the same thrill I did this weekend as I held my nearly 2 year old grandson Eli in my arms while he excitedly pointed and said "birds - birds!"  He wanted one last look out my sun room window, which we often watch birds from, before he went back home.  I'm so happy that learning to enjoy nature is a part of Eli's life and not just electronic keyboards and T.V., as is so often the case with today's youth.  Want to connect with your children or grandchildren?  Enjoy the nature in your own backyard!  It's better than any T.V. show or video game.  Come to Songbird Station and we'll give you our free "Tips to Attracting Nesting Birds to Your Yard" brochure.

In the next few weeks I'll be putting down my Organic weed control and Cotton Burr Compost that we sell at Songbird Station.   I truly believe these products are the reason so many people complement us on our yard.  We are blessed to see dozens of different birds and butterflies, so many more than the average yard.  Plus, I know it's safe for me and Eli and our pets to roll in the grass with absolutely no fears about weed or insect chemical spray residue or commercial fertilizer residue.  Try our Organic Lawn Care Program, you and the environment will be glad you did!

Last, but not least, get ready for our migratory arrivals.  Purple Martin Scouts arriving soon!  Open your houses, put up our new Gourd Starter Kit (less than $200).

Have your Hummingbird feeders up by Tax Day (Aprili 15th)!  Are you on a tight budget?  Try our new 8 oz Big Red Feeder!  I love it and its price at less than $6.  Your Oriole feeders should be up April 20-30.  You can't beat the Ultimate Oriole Feeder for attracting Orioles.  Finch feeders - clean out and refill with fresh Finches Favorite Seed mix (no fillers)!  You can attract 24 bright yellow Finches like I do each year and also occasionally see the flouorescent Purple Indigo Bunting that arrive in April.  Bluebirds are nesting now - Open and clean houses out!  Wrens are soon on the way!  Put one Wren house on different sides of the house.

Sit back for five minutes with a young child or senior person and be amazed.  You'll have some of the best moments of your life!  Enjoy! 

Posted: 2014-04-17

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