Why all the buzzzz about Honeybees?

Why all the buzzzz about Honeybees?

Songbird Station, located at 2010 Chapel Plaza Court in Columbia, Missouri is scheduled to host their first ever honeybee seminar on Saturday, April 30th at 10:00 A.M.  The seminar will be given on-site at Songbird Station by local beekeeper and bee-lover, Ross Fitzgerald. 

Some of the topics for discussion will include:

- Pollinators in danger!  What we can do to help, and why we should. 

- Pointers and tips to starting a hive.

- Proper placement of hives in order to be a successful beekeeper while still continuing to enjoy feeding hummingbirds.
When asked, "Why bees?", Songbird Station manager, Deborah Irving was quoted to say, "The concept of hosting this seminar was born from a clear community interest in honeybees, but also because of the need to raise awareness of the dangers these pollinators face, what we can do to help and why we should.  Additionally, honeybees are hands-down one of the best choices of homestead livestock, as they practically take care of themselves."

Ross Fitzgerald is a hobbyist Top Bar Beekeeper in his third year of training bees.  He began beekeeping on a whim of curiosity.  Ross says, "Keeping company with these amazing pollinators has helped change the way I see the natural world.  We all have at least a vague knowledge of how important they are to our ecosystem, and in today's knowledge-empowered society, many are even aware of some of the health benefits to ingesting honey.  Very few realize just how crucial bees are to our daily life and the very real dangers they face.  Not only is becoming a beekeeper easier than many think, but it is very rewarding too."

To welcome seminar attendees and show their appreciation for their interest in this noble hobby, Songbird Station is extending to all who attend the seminar a 10% discount on purchase of any beekeeping product on orders placed same day for either in-store availability or delivery up to May 15th. 

For more information about this seminar and or other events going on at Songbird Station, please contact:

Deborah Irving
Store Manager
Songbird Station
PH: 573-446-5941

Posted: 2016-04-25

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