A Birder's Summertime To-Do Checklist

A Birder's Summertime To-Do Checklist

Songbird Station has tips on how to support your backyard feathered friends during the summertime heat!

When you help the birds of summer to survive extreme temperatures, you not only are helping support them, but you are also getting a front row seat to see the birds while at their best!
Help the birds of summer with these simple tips:
  • Use Bird Baths
  • Consider Misters and Drippers
  • Create Shady Landscaping
  • Ventilate Bird Houses
  • Provide Good Food 

Find more information and some useful resources in the store!  Ask our friendly and helpful staff about must-have summer bird care products available at Songbird Station!
The Top 5 Worst Bird Baths (And How to Fix Them!) 

  • The Empty Bird Bath - An empty bath is no good for any birdie. If finding the time to refill your bath is a struggle, look for alternative options by taking advantage of placing your bath near a sprinkler system, water downspout or other refilling options.
  • The Too Deep Bird Bath - While a deeper bath will stay fuller longer, a deep basin is not safe for smaller birds and may actually present a drowning risk if birds tumble into the water.  If the water level in a deeper bath drops, birds may not be able to reach the water from the basin's edge.  Try a Bird Bath Raft by Songbird Essentials.  The Bird Bath Raft can be placed in most anything that holds water and turn it into a water feature for the birds.  Also, add Cannonball River Stones by Songbird Essentials to the basin to create a more shallow area for smaller birds to perch and access the water.  Both options are available now at Songbird Station.
  • The Dirty Bird Bath - Birds are not always fussy about their water sources, but a dirty bath contaminated with discarded seed hulls, shed feathers, feces, algae and other debris can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and insects, spreading diseases to all the birds that visit. The fix: Clean the bird bath regularly with a weak bleach solution, and rinse it daily to minimize contamination. We recommend Songbird Essentials Birdbath Protector (available in 4 oz and 8 oz).  Spend less time scrubbing and naturally ensure clear water! Use the Songbird Essentials SE601 Cleaning Bristle Brush to quickly get the job done!
  • The Hunting Ground Bird Bath - Birds aren't the only wildlife to visit bird baths, and predators - including feral cats and different raptors - will quickly learn to stalk a bird bath for an easy feathered meal.  Birds are more vulnerable when drinking and bathing, and can be easy prey for savvy predators.  The fix: Position a bird bath so it is close to adequate shelter where threatened birds can retreat, but avoid placing a bath directly in shrubbery that could conceal hunting predators.
  • The Stagnant Bird Bath - While birds will drink from any source of water, a still, stagnant bird bath is less attractive and more likely to harbor dangerous bacteria.  A still bird bath may also not be noticed by passing birds that would likely visit a water source, even if they won't visit feeders.  The fix: Add a dripper, mister or wiggler to create ripples and splashes that will attract birds' attention and keep the water moving, or try a bird bath fountain.  Stop in Songbird Station for any of these options! 

Water Feature Items & Accessories

Available NOW at Songbird Station!
Birdbath Protector
Spend less time scrubbing your bird bath and more time enjoying it!  Songbird Essentials Birdbath Protector ensures naturally clear water.  It prevents stains, mineral deposits, organic contamination, and sludge.  It is safe for birds, pets, and wildlife.

Glass Bird Baths
Songbird friendly with textured bottoms and correct depths, the glass designs available from Songbird Essentials are beautiful enough for indoor or outdoor use.  Available as staked, on a stand, hanging or bath only.

Water Wiggler
Moving water attracts birds and helps prevent sludge from forming in your bird baths and help prevent water from becoming stagnant and harboring dangerous bacteria.

Bird Bath Raft
Never before could you turn a simple garden pot into a water feature for the birds, or easily make a deep bowl bird bath shallow and safe!  It floats, exposing just the right amount of water for birds to use.  One of a kind, durable, simple, easy to clean, UV protected, made in the USA.

Bird Bath Brush
Bird Bath and Feeder Brush from Songbird Essentials.  Easy grip handle and stiffer bristles to clean concrete baths better.

Copper Dripper / Fountain Lotus
Use in birdbath, pond, just about any place where there is a small body of water.  This fountain is powered by electricity and includes concealed UL approved pump.

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Posted: 2017-08-03

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