Uncategorized  |  April 25, 2020

Going for Gold Seminar Prize Winners

Please send an email to kaylee@songbirdstation.com with your address by Saturday, May 2nd to claim your prize. Many of your local birding retailers carry these prizes, if it is easier for you to pick up directly from them just let us know – we are happy to work with our retailers. Our warehouse is working hard to get last week’s prizes out. Thanks for joining us!


Prize Winner
COBANEC346 – Goldfinch Ornament Susan Nixon
COBANEC382 – Painted Bunting Ornament Nick Paarlberg
WR18223 – Goldfinch Plush Charlene Fram
GE404 – Squirrel Key Hider Ladawna Shay Gerstner
SESQUNGEE – Squngee Marlene Willick
BE180 – Picnic Table Kit Stephany Louk-Denney
AP35339 – C is for Cardinal Tiffany Evans
SESEED170GC – Fantastic Finch 2, 5 lb Anita Harr
Aspects Feeder Combo Lisa Stevens Witsman
HEATHS6 – Stack’M Seed Cake Feeder and HEATHSC51 – Sunflower Stack’M Cake Rhonda Cruise McGuire
PTF1305 – Finch Bell John Ankeney
PTF1542 Wire Feeder and PTF-1502 16 oz. Finch Seed Cake Gary Wolfe
SERUBWFR – Red Window Feeder Deacon Haag
5 Lb. Sunflower Kernels Amy Jackson
SE111 – Petite Yellow Thistle Feeder Janet Oats
GEF1001 – Sunflower Mesh Vivian Broten
GEF1003 – Revenge of the Birds™ Mesh Feeder Cathy Breland Lockwitz RN
5 Lb. Sunflower Kernels Sallie Cottingham
SEQSBF2Y – Yellow Spiral Finch Feeder Angie Regan
SE7011 – Clingers Only Compelte Set with Baffle Misty Mills
BE301 – Floating Leaf Solar Bubbler Ladawana Shay Gerstner
SE995 – Songbird Spa Julie Box Mullen
Watter Wiggler – Allied Terri Sallee
SERUBSPF100 – Ground Platform Feeder Kimberly Kissling Smith
SE601 – Brush and SE7031 – Cleaner Steven Spaur
SE5033 – Goldfinch Hanging Bird Bath Diana Cherry Eubanks
GEBLUEG542 – Rainbow Waterfall Chime Debra Nellesen
Hummer Helper Susan Thomas
Small Recy. Hopper + 5 lb Black Oil Kelli Dutton Buffington
Green Seed Sphere Jenna March
Yellow Seed Sphere Rita Short Newman
5 lb Millet Lori Kammerich
GEBLUEG543 – Deliuxe Rainbow Waterfall Chime Sharon Whitesitt Hutchinson
AP35308 – Finches Book Carol Creason Weston
GE264 – Goldfinch Nightlight Yvonne Ball
Binoculars Winner Corielle Dilse
Grand Prize Winners
SE324C – Copper Finches Favorite 3 Tube Feeder Jo Ann Peyton
SESEED170GCD – Fantastic Finch 2, 5 lb. Bag Allison York
Kelly Sodolak
Jayne Spahn
Lindsay Rudolph Elliott


Extra Winners
BLH00623 – Goldfinch Tro House Flag Anita Harr
SE3880062 – Birdhouse Gordo Goldfinch DeDe Hildebrand
SE116 – Mammoth Yellow Thistle Feeder Elizabeth Schlott Hill
OM88017 – Pink & Gold 275 pcs Puzzle Jayne Spahn
SEBQSBF3C – 17″ Copper Spiral Sunflower Feeder Gary Wolfe