Uncategorized  |  April 25, 2020

Going for Gold – Seminar Products

Below is a list of products described in the “Going for Gold” seminar. They can all be purchased at Songbird Station. Not local? Contact us and we will help locate your local wild bird supplier.

AP35308 Finches Book
ASPECTS401 Thistle Tube Sml Antique Brass
ASPECTS402 Thistle Tube Med Antique Brass
SE111 Petite Yellow Thistle Feeder
SE112 Finches Favorite,12″ Single Tu
SE116 Mammoth Yellow Thistle Feeder
SE324C Copper Finches Favorite 3-Tube
SEBQSBF2Y 17″ Yellow Spiral Finch Fdr
SEBQSBF5Y 36″YellowSpiralFinch
PTF1502 Finch Seed Cake 15oz 14/cs
PTF1542 Wire Fdr/16oz Finch Cake 12/cs
PTF1305 Finch Bell 12/cs
SLFEEDERWT Small Thistle Feeder w/Thistle
SE612 Finch Magic Thistle Sack
SEFWC102 Gold Finch
SESEED170GC Fantastic Finch 2, 5 lb.
DYBLFIND Finch Finder
BRUSHOR27F Finch Ornament
GEF1008 Goldfinch Suet Feeder
BLH00623 Goldfinch Trio House Flag
GE219 Goldfinch Wind Chime
GE220 Goldfinch Garden Hook
GE264 Goldfinch Nightlight
SE3361004 Bamboo Chime Goldfinch
SE3880062 Birdhouse Gordo Goldfinch
SE5033 Goldfinch Hanging Birdbath
SE2170714 Therm Sml Goldfinch/branch
HEATHS6 Stack’M Seed Cake Feeder
HEATHSC51 Sunflower Stack’M Cake
HEATHSC52 Woodpecker Stack’M Cake
HEATHSC53 Cardinal Stack’M Cake
HEATHSC56 Corn & Mealworm Stack’M Seed
OM88017 Pink & Gold 275 pcs Easy Handl
CB1028 Cardinal Pocket Bottle
CB1032 Hummingbird Pocket Bottle With
BS-400 Bottle Stopper – Spring Hummin
GEBLUEG542 Rainbow Waterfall Chime
GEBLUEG543 Deluxe Rainbow Waterfall Chime