Uncategorized  |  April 30, 2020

New Operating Practices Effective May 4th

In this ever-changing climate we live in today, we are all eager to get back to a “semblance of normal”. While it will take quite a while for downtown Columbia to resemble the bustling and busy streets we are familiar with, we look forward to seeing the smiling faces of our fellow customers.


We are excited to announce that starting next week, Monday May 4th, we will be open for business. We will have our usual hours of 9:30-6 Monday thru Friday and 9-5 on Saturday. Delivery services are available upon request. Additionally, we will have new business practices in place for all customers to adhere to while enjoying their shopping experiences in store.




Per the Government issued safety guidelines we are enforcing the following:

·    Every person to enter our location MUST have a face covering in place

·    Hand sanitizer will be available for customer use at each door

·    LIMIT of 10 people in store at any given time

·    Practice 6 feet social distancing

·    Public restrooms are unavailable currently


We will continue our constant cleaning and sanitizing practice schedules that have been in place since the beginning and we have constantly been enhancing said schedules.


We are excited to start to see familiar faces and to catch up with all of our customers, however if you are uneasy about entering the store, please feel free to call as we have been doing these past weeks and place your order over the phone. We will have it all packed up and ready for your pick up!


We continue to wish everyone to stay safe and healthy through these challenging times. Please let us know if there is any way we can help you or to make your shopping/bird watching experiences the best they can be!


Purchasing options include the following:


·    In Store Shopping: Store operating and showroom hours are Monday through Friday 9:30-6, Saturday 9-5. Please feel free to stop in to pick up any birding supplies needed. We will be enforcing certain health guidelines and occupancy limitations, (Please see listings above).

·    Call Ahead/Email Ordering: Please feel free to call ahead (573-446-5941) or email us (holly@songbirdstation.com) and order any products you may need. We will have them ready for pick up for you during our new operating hours. You may make payment via debit/credit card at that time via phone.

·    Personal Shopping Experiences: We are happy to offer a variety of shopping experiences for our customers. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you choose any products you may need.

·    DELIVERY! Our newest services include delivery! We have set aside Monday and Thursdays starting at 6pm for personal delivery. Within the City Limits of Columbia, delivery is complimentary with a $75.00 purchase within Boone County only there is a surcharge of $5 per delivery for orders under $75.00. In order to sign up for delivery services, please contact us at 573-446-5941 We will take payment via credit/debit cards only. In obtaining your addresses, please make sure they are available via GPS or provide DETAILED directions. In order to not intrude on your privacy, please give details as to where you would like your seed left for you (i.e. front porch, by garage door, etc.)

·    Social Media! Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we will continue to provide educational opportunities as well as fun and entertaining information for you to learn and continue to enjoy your backyard birds while staying in your homes. We will be hosting Facebook LIVE videos as well as showcasing different birds for you to keep an eye on as spring progresses! Stay Tuned for more information to come….