Uncategorized  |  April 11, 2020

Prize Winners – Oriole Seminar

Prizes must be claimed no later than April 17th. Claim your prize by emailing your address or method of pick up to kaylee@songbirdstation.com. Many of your local birding retailers carry these prizes, if it is easier for you to pick up directly from them just let us know – we are happy to work with our retailers. Our warehouse is working hard to get last week’s prizes out. Thanks for joining us!


Name Prize
Peggy Garner Craven AP35315 Orioles (book) 
Janis Zeiter Shannon BE146 Petite Oriole Feeder
Cathy Reid Gordon BE147 Double Fruit & Jelly Feeder
Jo Ellen Sweitzer Brown BE150 Oriole Bistro
Barb Reed BE200 4″ S-Hook w/1″ Opening and HEATHCF133 Clementine Oriole Feeder
Anita Harr BE201 6″ S-Hook with 1″ Opening & SEBQSBFTRAY & SEBQSBF2G 17″ Green Spiral Finch Tube Feeder
Nick Paarlberg BE202 12″ S- Hook with 1″ Opening and SE905 Ultimate Oriole Feeder
Pam Knowles BE203 12″ Extension Hook and SEBCO212 Jelly/Jam Feeder
Vicky Shavers BE301 Floating Leaf Solar Bubbler
Toni Nuggie Howard CF98557 Hum/Oriole Fdr Clnr Spry 16oz
Lindsay Rudolph Elliott PTF1080 Orange Suet Dough 12 oz
Sudha Udupa SE2170722 Therm Sm! Bird Bait Oriole
Christine McCluskey SE630 8 oz. Oriole Nectar and SEBCO230 Fliteline Junior 30 oz OrioleD
Jana Harding-Bishop SE7030 4oz Birdbath Protector and ALLIEDPR8WW Solar Water Wiggler
Diana Smith-turner SE8012 12″ Limb Protecter and se7019 Easy Mister
Sara Mallison SEFWC105 Oriole
Ann Marie Ott SEHH12HK 12″ Copper Ivy Hang Decor
Erin Wilson SEHHFRJL Fruit and Jelly Feeder
Lisa Stevens Witsman SEHHHAPL Heart Fruit Feeder
Stefanie Miller LaCava SEHHORFJ Oriole Fruit & Jelly Feeder
Brittany Neier SERUBFJF Fruit&Jelly Oriole Fdr Orange
Sharra Hobbs SERUBOR100 Oriole Diner Feeder
Dianne Billingsley Hope SERUBOR200 Diamond Oriole Feeder
Carla Brogden SESQ83O Oriole Magnet 12″ Baffle
Steven Spaur SESEED125GC 5 lb. Hearty Hearts
Key Metcalf SESEED187GC 5 lb. Millet
Donna Wallace McCray SE1014 DIY Nesting Wreath
Marcia Baumgartner BD1024 Squirrel Buster Plus
Dawn Sjoberg Dehnert AP32628 Cooking for the Birds
JoAnn Kearney Pederson AP61553 Bird Log Kids & AP61546 Nature Log Kids & CLAB1943645435 – My Colors Book
Laurie Duran AP39344 Owls Playing Cards
Amy Robbins LEWERSBBW164 – Sibley’s Backyard Birds of the Midwest and LEWERSHN156 – Butterflies of North America
Julia Winka LEWERSBBR123 – Sibley’s Backyard Birds of Rocky Mountain States and LEWERSBUR231 – Butterflies of the Rocky Mountain States