Uncategorized  |  April 20, 2020

Squirrel Defeating Prize Winners

Please send an email to kaylee@songbirdstation.com with your address by Saturday, April 25th to claim your prize. Many of your local birding retailers carry these prizes, if it is easier for you to pick up directly from them just let us know – we are happy to work with our retailers. Our warehouse is working hard to get last week’s prizes out. Thanks for joining us!


Julie Fischer Lundstead, you won the Sheltered Wings Crossfire HD 8 x 42 Binoculars!

Erin Wilson – You won a SESQUNGEE!

Janet Dickson – SE6000 Squirrel Resistant Suet Palace

Winner Prize
Karen Hudson “Baby Chipmunk” Finger Puppet Book by Chronicle
John Urbaitis “Enjoying Squirrels” by Bird Watcher’s Digest
Kelly Whitaker “Getting Squirrelly” by Willow Creek Press
Sully TheLab “Little Bee” Finger Puppet Book by Chronicle
Judy Rhine “Little Butterfly” Finger Puppet Book by Chronicle
Lisa Fiorello “Those Darn Squirrels” by Clarion Books
Barbara Murch Elmore BD1015 Buster
Charlene Frame BD1016 Squirrel Buster Finch
Michael Rumsey BD1024 Squirrel Buster Plus
Carolyn Welch Schlauch BD1052 Squirrel Buster Peanut
Verna Laboy BD1055 Squirrel Buster Mini
Rita Short Newman BD1057 – Squirrel Buster Standard
Jolene Kuebler BD1082 – Squirrel Buster Legacy
NotNot Gene BE100 – Ornamental Window Hook
Denise Ragsdale-Hyder BE180 Picnic table
Janet Oats BRUSHAWQD12 – 9” Brushkin Squirrel
Amy DeGennaro Haskell Brushkin Raccoon – Small
Kay Metcalf BRUSHOR107 – Brown Squirrel Ornament
Annette Donnelly BRUSHOR118 – Chipmunk Ornament
Mary Ellen Zydell BRUSHSK23 – Brushkin Squirrel on Plant Stick
Carol Inskip Coles 16 oz. Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce
Rhonda Cruse McGuire Coles 8 oz. Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce
Allison York CS553 – Hot Pepper Suet Dough Cake
Barb Evanoff CS608 – Sweet Corn Squirrel Log
Susan Erdel Atkins CS907 – Ready-to-use Peanut Delight Log
Tracy Stoehr Hickman CS954 – Ready-to-use Hot Pepper Delight Log
Kimberly Ann Get Well Frog Note Cards by Tree Free
Amy Zak O’Neil Get Well Frog Note Cards by Tree Free
Mike Dean KAYH24603 Absolute feeder
Kay Conklin PTF1441 – 3# Hot Pepper Suet
Susan Currier PTF8009 – Cardinal Safflower Classic Suet Log
Debra Hardin Raccoon on Log Encouragement Cards by Tree Free
Jennifer Garren Pinion SE1014 Nesting wreath
Judy Olcott SE3880086 – Squirrel Gordo Birdhouse
Jennifer Bolles SE6000 – Squirrel Resistant Suet Palace
Danielle Ball SE6019 Peanut wreath
Janet Ruth Neumann Weidner SE949 – Seed ‘n Nut Tweet Balls
Judy Myers SE978 – Pecan Tweet Balls
Sarah Jones Price SEMKSP1 slinky
Gary Baltzell SESQ85 – 14” Squirrel Defeater Snap-on Pole Baffle
Brenda Creason O’Brien SESQ86 – 17 ½ “ Squirrel Defeater Super Snap-on Pole Baffle
Jenni Sloan SESQ86 – Raccoon Cylinder Pole Baffle
Jackie Griesemer SESQS88 – Squirrel Defeater Cylinder Pole Baffle
Dave Shepherd Squngee
Michele Griego WR10943 – Raccoon
Bill Wenger WR10943 – Raccoon
Lori Hill Whalen WR16491 – Mini Squirrel
Kathy Maynard WR16491 – Mini Squirrel
Kathy Ferraro Rutkowski WR16492 – Mini Chipmunk
Diane Busser Carnahan WR16492 – Mini Chipmunk