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Central Missouri Native Host Plants for Butterflies

All native flowers are good food source for native pollinators like bees and butterflies; they have evolved with one another. Fall blooming natives are especially important in nourishing the migrating insects and preparing the adults and caterpillars for winter. The best plan for a pollinator garden is to plant a diversity of native plants; perhaps 30 different native species grown from a local seed source.

Find a local distributor in the Grow Native Resource guide at www.grownative.org
Ask a member or learn more by joining the local Hawthorn Chapter Missouri Native Plant Society at www.columbianativeplants.org


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New Operating Practices Effective May 4th

In this ever-changing climate we live in today, we are all eager to get back to a “semblance of normal”. While it will take quite a while for downtown Columbia to resemble the bustling and busy streets we are familiar with, we look forward to seeing the smiling faces of our fellow customers.


We are excited to announce that starting next week, Monday May 4th, we will be open for business. We will have our usual hours of 9:30-6 Monday thru Friday and 9-5 on Saturday. Delivery services are available upon request. Additionally, we will have new business practices in place for all customers to adhere to while enjoying their shopping experiences in store.




Per the Government issued safety guidelines we are enforcing the following:

·    Every person to enter our location MUST have a face covering in place

·    Hand sanitizer will be available for customer use at each door

·    LIMIT of 10 people in store at any given time

·    Practice 6 feet social distancing

·    Public restrooms are unavailable currently


We will continue our constant cleaning and sanitizing practice schedules that have been in place since the beginning and we have constantly been enhancing said schedules.


We are excited to start to see familiar faces and to catch up with all of our customers, however if you are uneasy about entering the store, please feel free to call as we have been doing these past weeks and place your order over the phone. We will have it all packed up and ready for your pick up!


We continue to wish everyone to stay safe and healthy through these challenging times. Please let us know if there is any way we can help you or to make your shopping/bird watching experiences the best they can be!


Purchasing options include the following:


·    In Store Shopping: Store operating and showroom hours are Monday through Friday 9:30-6, Saturday 9-5. Please feel free to stop in to pick up any birding supplies needed. We will be enforcing certain health guidelines and occupancy limitations, (Please see listings above).

·    Call Ahead/Email Ordering: Please feel free to call ahead (573-446-5941) or email us (holly@songbirdstation.com) and order any products you may need. We will have them ready for pick up for you during our new operating hours. You may make payment via debit/credit card at that time via phone.

·    Personal Shopping Experiences: We are happy to offer a variety of shopping experiences for our customers. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you choose any products you may need.

·    DELIVERY! Our newest services include delivery! We have set aside Monday and Thursdays starting at 6pm for personal delivery. Within the City Limits of Columbia, delivery is complimentary with a $75.00 purchase within Boone County only there is a surcharge of $5 per delivery for orders under $75.00. In order to sign up for delivery services, please contact us at 573-446-5941 We will take payment via credit/debit cards only. In obtaining your addresses, please make sure they are available via GPS or provide DETAILED directions. In order to not intrude on your privacy, please give details as to where you would like your seed left for you (i.e. front porch, by garage door, etc.)

·    Social Media! Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we will continue to provide educational opportunities as well as fun and entertaining information for you to learn and continue to enjoy your backyard birds while staying in your homes. We will be hosting Facebook LIVE videos as well as showcasing different birds for you to keep an eye on as spring progresses! Stay Tuned for more information to come….

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Going for Gold Seminar Prize Winners

Please send an email to kaylee@songbirdstation.com with your address by Saturday, May 2nd to claim your prize. Many of your local birding retailers carry these prizes, if it is easier for you to pick up directly from them just let us know – we are happy to work with our retailers. Our warehouse is working hard to get last week’s prizes out. Thanks for joining us!


Prize Winner
COBANEC346 – Goldfinch Ornament Susan Nixon
COBANEC382 – Painted Bunting Ornament Nick Paarlberg
WR18223 – Goldfinch Plush Charlene Fram
GE404 – Squirrel Key Hider Ladawna Shay Gerstner
SESQUNGEE – Squngee Marlene Willick
BE180 – Picnic Table Kit Stephany Louk-Denney
AP35339 – C is for Cardinal Tiffany Evans
SESEED170GC – Fantastic Finch 2, 5 lb Anita Harr
Aspects Feeder Combo Lisa Stevens Witsman
HEATHS6 – Stack’M Seed Cake Feeder and HEATHSC51 – Sunflower Stack’M Cake Rhonda Cruise McGuire
PTF1305 – Finch Bell John Ankeney
PTF1542 Wire Feeder and PTF-1502 16 oz. Finch Seed Cake Gary Wolfe
SERUBWFR – Red Window Feeder Deacon Haag
5 Lb. Sunflower Kernels Amy Jackson
SE111 – Petite Yellow Thistle Feeder Janet Oats
GEF1001 – Sunflower Mesh Vivian Broten
GEF1003 – Revenge of the Birds™ Mesh Feeder Cathy Breland Lockwitz RN
5 Lb. Sunflower Kernels Sallie Cottingham
SEQSBF2Y – Yellow Spiral Finch Feeder Angie Regan
SE7011 – Clingers Only Compelte Set with Baffle Misty Mills
BE301 – Floating Leaf Solar Bubbler Ladawana Shay Gerstner
SE995 – Songbird Spa Julie Box Mullen
Watter Wiggler – Allied Terri Sallee
SERUBSPF100 – Ground Platform Feeder Kimberly Kissling Smith
SE601 – Brush and SE7031 – Cleaner Steven Spaur
SE5033 – Goldfinch Hanging Bird Bath Diana Cherry Eubanks
GEBLUEG542 – Rainbow Waterfall Chime Debra Nellesen
Hummer Helper Susan Thomas
Small Recy. Hopper + 5 lb Black Oil Kelli Dutton Buffington
Green Seed Sphere Jenna March
Yellow Seed Sphere Rita Short Newman
5 lb Millet Lori Kammerich
GEBLUEG543 – Deliuxe Rainbow Waterfall Chime Sharon Whitesitt Hutchinson
AP35308 – Finches Book Carol Creason Weston
GE264 – Goldfinch Nightlight Yvonne Ball
Binoculars Winner Corielle Dilse
Grand Prize Winners
SE324C – Copper Finches Favorite 3 Tube Feeder Jo Ann Peyton
SESEED170GCD – Fantastic Finch 2, 5 lb. Bag Allison York
Kelly Sodolak
Jayne Spahn
Lindsay Rudolph Elliott


Extra Winners
BLH00623 – Goldfinch Tro House Flag Anita Harr
SE3880062 – Birdhouse Gordo Goldfinch DeDe Hildebrand
SE116 – Mammoth Yellow Thistle Feeder Elizabeth Schlott Hill
OM88017 – Pink & Gold 275 pcs Puzzle Jayne Spahn
SEBQSBF3C – 17″ Copper Spiral Sunflower Feeder Gary Wolfe

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Going for Gold – Seminar Products

Below is a list of products described in the “Going for Gold” seminar. They can all be purchased at Songbird Station. Not local? Contact us and we will help locate your local wild bird supplier.

AP35308 Finches Book
ASPECTS401 Thistle Tube Sml Antique Brass
ASPECTS402 Thistle Tube Med Antique Brass
SE111 Petite Yellow Thistle Feeder
SE112 Finches Favorite,12″ Single Tu
SE116 Mammoth Yellow Thistle Feeder
SE324C Copper Finches Favorite 3-Tube
SEBQSBF2Y 17″ Yellow Spiral Finch Fdr
SEBQSBF5Y 36″YellowSpiralFinch
PTF1502 Finch Seed Cake 15oz 14/cs
PTF1542 Wire Fdr/16oz Finch Cake 12/cs
PTF1305 Finch Bell 12/cs
SLFEEDERWT Small Thistle Feeder w/Thistle
SE612 Finch Magic Thistle Sack
SEFWC102 Gold Finch
SESEED170GC Fantastic Finch 2, 5 lb.
DYBLFIND Finch Finder
BRUSHOR27F Finch Ornament
GEF1008 Goldfinch Suet Feeder
BLH00623 Goldfinch Trio House Flag
GE219 Goldfinch Wind Chime
GE220 Goldfinch Garden Hook
GE264 Goldfinch Nightlight
SE3361004 Bamboo Chime Goldfinch
SE3880062 Birdhouse Gordo Goldfinch
SE5033 Goldfinch Hanging Birdbath
SE2170714 Therm Sml Goldfinch/branch
HEATHS6 Stack’M Seed Cake Feeder
HEATHSC51 Sunflower Stack’M Cake
HEATHSC52 Woodpecker Stack’M Cake
HEATHSC53 Cardinal Stack’M Cake
HEATHSC56 Corn & Mealworm Stack’M Seed
OM88017 Pink & Gold 275 pcs Easy Handl
CB1028 Cardinal Pocket Bottle
CB1032 Hummingbird Pocket Bottle With
BS-400 Bottle Stopper – Spring Hummin
GEBLUEG542 Rainbow Waterfall Chime
GEBLUEG543 Deluxe Rainbow Waterfall Chime

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Squirrel Lover Seminar Prize Winners

Please send an email to kaylee@songbirdstation.com with your address by Saturday, May 2nd to claim your prize. Many of your local birding retailers carry these prizes, if it is easier for you to pick up directly from them just let us know – we are happy to work with our retailers. Our warehouse is working hard to get last week’s prizes out. Thanks for joining us!


winner prize
Marcia Baumgartner Squngee Deluxe SESQUNGEE
Wanda Thackery Squirrel Gord-O Bird House SE3880086
Laurie Bobbitt Flying Trapeze SEWF2022
Jackie Griesemer Squirrel A Whirl SEWF2160
Janice Morey Squirrel Jar Feeder SESCS412
Barbara Murch Elmore Whole Peanut Wreath Ring Black SE6019
Dianne Long Westbrook PMCA Purple Martin Gourd SE955
Allison York Mercury Jaco O Lantern with LED Lights MFMGJOL7
Lynn Edinger Fruit and Jelly Feeder Copper – SEHHFRJL
Laura Kloeppel Squirrel Feeder Snack Box SE549
Amy DeGennaro Haskell Ruby-throated Hummingbird – WR18226
Mike Campbell Squirrel Brush Art Plant Pal BRUSHSK23
Julie Fisher Lundsted Finches Favorite 3 Tube Feeder – SE324
Bridget Tracy Gruender Finches Favorite 3 Tube Feeder – SE324

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Squirrel Defeating Prize Winners

Please send an email to kaylee@songbirdstation.com with your address by Saturday, April 25th to claim your prize. Many of your local birding retailers carry these prizes, if it is easier for you to pick up directly from them just let us know – we are happy to work with our retailers. Our warehouse is working hard to get last week’s prizes out. Thanks for joining us!


Julie Fischer Lundstead, you won the Sheltered Wings Crossfire HD 8 x 42 Binoculars!

Erin Wilson – You won a SESQUNGEE!

Janet Dickson – SE6000 Squirrel Resistant Suet Palace

Winner Prize
Karen Hudson “Baby Chipmunk” Finger Puppet Book by Chronicle
John Urbaitis “Enjoying Squirrels” by Bird Watcher’s Digest
Kelly Whitaker “Getting Squirrelly” by Willow Creek Press
Sully TheLab “Little Bee” Finger Puppet Book by Chronicle
Judy Rhine “Little Butterfly” Finger Puppet Book by Chronicle
Lisa Fiorello “Those Darn Squirrels” by Clarion Books
Barbara Murch Elmore BD1015 Buster
Charlene Frame BD1016 Squirrel Buster Finch
Michael Rumsey BD1024 Squirrel Buster Plus
Carolyn Welch Schlauch BD1052 Squirrel Buster Peanut
Verna Laboy BD1055 Squirrel Buster Mini
Rita Short Newman BD1057 – Squirrel Buster Standard
Jolene Kuebler BD1082 – Squirrel Buster Legacy
NotNot Gene BE100 – Ornamental Window Hook
Denise Ragsdale-Hyder BE180 Picnic table
Janet Oats BRUSHAWQD12 – 9” Brushkin Squirrel
Amy DeGennaro Haskell Brushkin Raccoon – Small
Kay Metcalf BRUSHOR107 – Brown Squirrel Ornament
Annette Donnelly BRUSHOR118 – Chipmunk Ornament
Mary Ellen Zydell BRUSHSK23 – Brushkin Squirrel on Plant Stick
Carol Inskip Coles 16 oz. Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce
Rhonda Cruse McGuire Coles 8 oz. Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce
Allison York CS553 – Hot Pepper Suet Dough Cake
Barb Evanoff CS608 – Sweet Corn Squirrel Log
Susan Erdel Atkins CS907 – Ready-to-use Peanut Delight Log
Tracy Stoehr Hickman CS954 – Ready-to-use Hot Pepper Delight Log
Kimberly Ann Get Well Frog Note Cards by Tree Free
Amy Zak O’Neil Get Well Frog Note Cards by Tree Free
Mike Dean KAYH24603 Absolute feeder
Kay Conklin PTF1441 – 3# Hot Pepper Suet
Susan Currier PTF8009 – Cardinal Safflower Classic Suet Log
Debra Hardin Raccoon on Log Encouragement Cards by Tree Free
Jennifer Garren Pinion SE1014 Nesting wreath
Judy Olcott SE3880086 – Squirrel Gordo Birdhouse
Jennifer Bolles SE6000 – Squirrel Resistant Suet Palace
Danielle Ball SE6019 Peanut wreath
Janet Ruth Neumann Weidner SE949 – Seed ‘n Nut Tweet Balls
Judy Myers SE978 – Pecan Tweet Balls
Sarah Jones Price SEMKSP1 slinky
Gary Baltzell SESQ85 – 14” Squirrel Defeater Snap-on Pole Baffle
Brenda Creason O’Brien SESQ86 – 17 ½ “ Squirrel Defeater Super Snap-on Pole Baffle
Jenni Sloan SESQ86 – Raccoon Cylinder Pole Baffle
Jackie Griesemer SESQS88 – Squirrel Defeater Cylinder Pole Baffle
Dave Shepherd Squngee
Michele Griego WR10943 – Raccoon
Bill Wenger WR10943 – Raccoon
Lori Hill Whalen WR16491 – Mini Squirrel
Kathy Maynard WR16491 – Mini Squirrel
Kathy Ferraro Rutkowski WR16492 – Mini Chipmunk
Diane Busser Carnahan WR16492 – Mini Chipmunk


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Prize Winners – Oriole Seminar

Prizes must be claimed no later than April 17th. Claim your prize by emailing your address or method of pick up to kaylee@songbirdstation.com. Many of your local birding retailers carry these prizes, if it is easier for you to pick up directly from them just let us know – we are happy to work with our retailers. Our warehouse is working hard to get last week’s prizes out. Thanks for joining us!


Name Prize
Peggy Garner Craven AP35315 Orioles (book) 
Janis Zeiter Shannon BE146 Petite Oriole Feeder
Cathy Reid Gordon BE147 Double Fruit & Jelly Feeder
Jo Ellen Sweitzer Brown BE150 Oriole Bistro
Barb Reed BE200 4″ S-Hook w/1″ Opening and HEATHCF133 Clementine Oriole Feeder
Anita Harr BE201 6″ S-Hook with 1″ Opening & SEBQSBFTRAY & SEBQSBF2G 17″ Green Spiral Finch Tube Feeder
Nick Paarlberg BE202 12″ S- Hook with 1″ Opening and SE905 Ultimate Oriole Feeder
Pam Knowles BE203 12″ Extension Hook and SEBCO212 Jelly/Jam Feeder
Vicky Shavers BE301 Floating Leaf Solar Bubbler
Toni Nuggie Howard CF98557 Hum/Oriole Fdr Clnr Spry 16oz
Lindsay Rudolph Elliott PTF1080 Orange Suet Dough 12 oz
Sudha Udupa SE2170722 Therm Sm! Bird Bait Oriole
Christine McCluskey SE630 8 oz. Oriole Nectar and SEBCO230 Fliteline Junior 30 oz OrioleD
Jana Harding-Bishop SE7030 4oz Birdbath Protector and ALLIEDPR8WW Solar Water Wiggler
Diana Smith-turner SE8012 12″ Limb Protecter and se7019 Easy Mister
Sara Mallison SEFWC105 Oriole
Ann Marie Ott SEHH12HK 12″ Copper Ivy Hang Decor
Erin Wilson SEHHFRJL Fruit and Jelly Feeder
Lisa Stevens Witsman SEHHHAPL Heart Fruit Feeder
Stefanie Miller LaCava SEHHORFJ Oriole Fruit & Jelly Feeder
Brittany Neier SERUBFJF Fruit&Jelly Oriole Fdr Orange
Sharra Hobbs SERUBOR100 Oriole Diner Feeder
Dianne Billingsley Hope SERUBOR200 Diamond Oriole Feeder
Carla Brogden SESQ83O Oriole Magnet 12″ Baffle
Steven Spaur SESEED125GC 5 lb. Hearty Hearts
Key Metcalf SESEED187GC 5 lb. Millet
Donna Wallace McCray SE1014 DIY Nesting Wreath
Marcia Baumgartner BD1024 Squirrel Buster Plus
Dawn Sjoberg Dehnert AP32628 Cooking for the Birds
JoAnn Kearney Pederson AP61553 Bird Log Kids & AP61546 Nature Log Kids & CLAB1943645435 – My Colors Book
Laurie Duran AP39344 Owls Playing Cards
Amy Robbins LEWERSBBW164 – Sibley’s Backyard Birds of the Midwest and LEWERSHN156 – Butterflies of North America
Julia Winka LEWERSBBR123 – Sibley’s Backyard Birds of Rocky Mountain States and LEWERSBUR231 – Butterflies of the Rocky Mountain States


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Hummingbird Seminar Prize Winners

Prizes must be claimed no later than April 10th. Claim your prize by emailing your address or method of pick up to kaylee@songbirdstation.com. Many of your local birding retailers carry these prizes, if it is easier for you to pick up directly from them just let us know – we are happy to work with our retailers.

Name Prize
Allison Mauser SE642 – 24 oz. Can Red Easy Mix Hummingbird Nectar
Amy DeGennaro Haskell SEHHFPF1 – Flower Pot Hummingbird Feeder – 1 Tube & SE607 – Best Hummingbird Combo Brush Set
Amy Jackson SEBRSP – Hummingbird Starter Kit
Angelia Chestnut Cribb ASPECTS407 – Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder
Ashleigh Rice COBANEC407 – Scarlet Tanager Ornament & IMP184SS – Hummingbirds of North America Screen Saver
Barb Reed SE624 – Nectar Protector Jr – Clear
Bridget Tracy Gruender GE159 – Stained Glass Hummingbird with Red Flower Large Plant Hook
Bryan Sappington SE801 – Tweet Heart Birdie Swing – Black
Carey Lynn Knipfel AP32468 – Amazing Hummingbirds Book & STOKESHUM – Hummingbird Book
Carol Creason Weston LEWERSNC23 – Hummingbird Assortment Note Cards
Carolyn Wallace Gregory SEHHMBF – Copper Ivy 3-Tube Hummingbird Feeder
Chris Stone SE802 – Tweet Heart Birdie Swing – Copper
Christine Rabalais Gueydan Binoculars – Vortex Optics 8 x 42
Cj Lexow SE6002 – Dr JB’s 16 oz. Clean Feeder & SE077 – Window Suction Cup Hanger
Corielle Dilse SEBCO312 – Red Bird Hummingbird Feeder & SLHFF – 4 oz. Feeder Fresh
Dani Sheldon SE606 – Best Port & Bee Guard Brush & AP61553– Kid’s Bird Log
Dave-Robin Baker-Walker AP36954 – Hummingbird Playing Cards
Deanna Whitney Stockman SEHHWWH1 – Window Wonder Hummingbird Feeder – 1 Tube
Deb Boyet-Alexander GEHF002 – Red Textured Hand-blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Hook
Debby Hodges McCandless BE126 – Hummer Ring Starter Kit – 4 Colors
Denise Burks Shaw GE138 – Stained Glass Hummingbird with Red Flower Wind Chime
Dianne Maguire ASPECTS 437 – The Gem Window Hummingbird Feeder & WMPA167- Grow a Hummingbird Garden Book
Edith Starbuck SE643 – 64 oz. Ready-to-use Red Hummingbird Food
Erin Easum IMP52116KZ – Hummingbird Children’s Puzzle – 40 Piece & AP35339 – C is for Cardinal Book
Frances Buchanan SE619 – Hummingbird Feeder Stopper & Tube
Geidy Laza ASPECTS434 – Humm Blossom Hummingbird Feeder – Plum Color
Gretchen Saylor STOKESBEGE – Beginners Guide to Hummingbirds
Jason W. Gruender COBANEC450 – Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird Ornament
Jess Schnur SEHHTETR – Tweeter Totter 2-Tube Hummingbird Feeder
Jessica Kelley Ably COBANEC448 – Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird Ornament & COBANEC344 Hummingbird Ornament
Julie Fisher Lundsted SE7018 – Hummer Helper Nesting Material Refill
Kara Wieberg Norman BE114 – Red Port Brush & SEBCO312W – Window Red Bird Hummingbird Feeder
Karen Xylinas Correct Answer Prize Winner – Baffle, Hook, and Dr. JB’s
Kim Boggs WR18228 – Baltimore Oriole
Kim Klaproth SSSEED194 – 5# Bag Fine Sunflower Chips
Kimberly Deshong SLNF – Nectar Fortress Natural Ant Repellent & AP35292 – Hummingbirds Book
Leah Rittenhouse-Smith SEHHHUMS – Copper Hummingbird Swing
Linda Antal COBANEC373 – Blacked Chinned Hummingbird Ornament
Linda Mechowski SE952 – Big Red Hummingbird Feeder
Lisa Cole Eimers COBANEC348 – Indigo Bunting Ornament
Lynn DeVore COBANE346 – Gold Finch Ornament
Lynn Edinger SE6022 – 32 oz. Dr. JB’s Jar
Margaret Erickson Dawes SE996 – Hummingbird Haven Nectar Feeder
Marlene Hammons Bolles HUMMBUG1 – Fruit Hummingbird Feeder
Mary Anne Heathman BE101 – Hummer Ring – Red
Michelle Drake SE610 – Nectar Protector – Clear
Natalie Beeler SE4000 – Ruby Faceted Glass Hummingbird Feeder & SE611 – Nectar Protector – Red
Pam Caldwell ASPECTS433 – Humm Blossom Hummingbird Feeder – Rose Color & SE634 – 8 oz. Red Nectar Packet
Ronnie Fitzpatrick BE127 – Hummer Ring Starter Kit – Red
Sharon Whitesitt Hutchinson SEHHWWH2 – Window Wonder 2-Tube Hummingbird Feeder
Sharon Young SE6023 – 48 oz. Dr. JB’s Jar
SueandTim LeBel SEHHWHWA – Whimsy Wand Hummingbird Feeder – 1 Tube
Tanya Livdahl SE633 – 32 oz. Ready-to-use Clear Hummingbird Food & SE625 – Nectar Protector Jr – Red
Thelma Boedeker WR23155 – Insect Mini-Bucket
Tiffany Evans SE7021 – Hummer Helper Nesting Material & SESQ83R – Hummer Helper 12” Helmet
Tiffany Leilani Carey SE7019 – Easy Mister
Trisha Torres SE629 – 24 oz. Can Clear Easy Mix Hummingbird Nectar & SE990 – Super Shaker Nectar Maker
Twa Rivers WR12886 – Insect Nature Tube – 24 Piece & WR18223 – American Gold Finch
Valerie Hicks White GE137 – Stained Glass Hummingbird with Red Flower Sun Catcher
Wendy Boedeker ASPECTS438 – The Gem Anti-Insect Kit to work with The Gem Hummingbird Feeder
Yvonne Ball SE628 – 8 oz. Clear Nectar Packet & AP36886– Our Love of Hummingbirds Book

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Hummingbird Feeder Fresh Nectar Defender

Feeder Fresh Nectar Defender is an all-natural product that protects the freshness of hummingbird nectar and stops spoilage. It is bird-safe and works using a micronutrient naturally consumed by hummingbirds in their diet of nectar and insects. Feeder Fresh ND will protect your nectar for weeks, and hummingbirds will enjoy fresh nectar every time they visit your feeder. Simply add a small amount to your current nectar. One bottle lasts an entire season. It contains no artificial preservatives or dyes. Once you try Feeder Fresh ND, you will never want to feed hummingbirds without it. Patent pending.

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Birdseed Ornaments Recipe by Linda Wolf

What you’ll need:

4 Cups Birdseed for Songbirds
¾ Cup Coarse Whole Wheat Flour
1 Packet Unflavored Gelatin
½ Cup Hot Water
4 Tablespoons Corn Syrup


  1. Combine dry ingredients above in a large bowl and after the water is hot (I microwave for 1 minute), add the corn syrup to dissolve in the hot water. Pour the hot water/corn syrup
    mixture over the dry ingredients and blend well to incorporate the wet to the dry ingredients.
  2. Having prepared the work surface with wax or parchment paper, get your favorite cookie cutter shape and spray the inside with non-stick baking spray. Laying the cookie-cutter flat on the prepared surface, press the above mixture into the cookie cutter and overpack getting it as full as you can. I take something that is flat and continue to press leaving a flat surface on the cookie cutter.
  3. Taking a chopstick or a drinking straw, put near the top of the cookie-cutter, pressing through to the bottom but leave it in the mold. Carefully lift the cookie cutter up and away from the chopstick or straw and repeat the same process for the next ornament.
  4. Remove the chopstick or the straw after 15 minutes and don’t disturb the ornament until the next day. I turn them over once leaving them to dry another 24 hours. I then dry them in a dehydrator or an oven that is on the lowest setting for at least 15-30 minutes to ensure the ornament is dry and to eliminate any mold forming.