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Songbird Station: A Wild Bird Store & So Much More
Attract Beautiful Songbirds
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Attract Beautiful Songbirds
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Welcome to Songbird Station!

If you want to attract wild birds in Central Missouri, Songbird Station is your one-stop shop for wild bird supplies. The best selection of bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths and fountains in mid-Missouri are available in our convenient Columbia location. Check out the Songbird Essentials line of bird seed and bird food, specially formulated to attract wild birds of Central Missouri.

You'll also find an outstanding selection of backyard and garden gifts and home décor, from wind chimes to door mats to puzzles and toys for the kids.

Best of all, you can talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff. They're experts in "birdscaping,", so feel free to bring in a photo of your yard. They'll help you decide which bird supplies are ideal for your location.

Visit Songbird Station today and we'll help you attract your favorite wild birds to YOUR own backyard ! And. yes, bring the kids — our mission is to "help families enjoy nature together."