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Bird Seed, Nectar & Jelly

Offering a continuous, readily available supply of appropriate food is key to attracting wild birds! While bird seed and food can be purchased in many stores for discount prices, it’s important to note that much of the commercially-available seed is poor quality and not formulated for local birds. So there’s a lot of waste which hurts your wallet and leaves debris on your lawn! Our customers love our Songbird Essentials line of products! We encourage you to give it a try and see the difference!

Bird Seed, Nectar & Jelly
Bird Man Mel
Peanut Butter Suet Plugs
Hot Pepper Suet Plugs
Fruit Berry Suet Plugs
High Octane Suet Cakes
Shell-Free Patio Mix
Cardinal Chorus Bird Seed Blend
Squirrel's Referral Seeds
Songbird Peanut Halves
Essential Nuts and Berries
Shell Free Deluxe Seed Mix
Hearty Hearts Bird Seed
Songbird Whole Peanuts
Songbird Select Bird Seed
Special Songbird Bird Seed
Special Blend Bird Seed
Clinger's Candy Bird Seed
Fantastic Finch Seed
Songbird Proso Millet
Songbird Cracked Corn
Nyger Thistle Seed
Songbird Safflower Seed
Black Oil Sunflower Seed