Attract Hummingbirds To Your Backyard

In the United States, you can find over 16 kinds of Hummingbirds. For people east of the Rockies, the most prevalent by far is the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird. In fact, the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird is the most widely distributed of the world’s 338 species of Hummingbirds, all of which occur ONLY in the Western Hemisphere.


The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird is often found between woodland and meadow. However, it has adapted well to human development, but only if there is shelter, space and food. Thus, it is frequently seen in suburban backyards with mature trees and shrubs, in wooded parks, and around farmsteads.

The Keys to Attracting Hummingbirds are to provide Food, Help for Nesting, and Misters (Water) for them to fly through. Read on and learn how to make your yard a “Hummingbird Haven”.

Quality Food

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Clean, Fresh Water

Hummingbirds, like many birds, need and are attracted to fresh water. One of the best ways to attract hummingbirds is with a “misted” fine spray. We love Songbird Essential’s Easy Mister. Attach it to a hose after watering flowers and get ready to see hummers zip through the mist. Only uses .75 Gallons of water per hour!!

Safe, Secure Shelter (including nesting sites)

A hummingbird nest is not much bigger than a quarter, and often it contains just 2-3 eggs no bigger than small peas. It’s typically hard to see, as it blends in well to the tree branch it’s attached to, and is made of fine animal or plant down and moss or lichens. Hummingbirds have been proven to really take to a product called “Hummer HelperTM” Nesting Material, which provides a natural replacement for some hard to find materials.