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Attract Beautiful Songbirds
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Wild Bird Supplies & More
At Songbird Station we have everything you need to create a backyard birding paradise or garden oasis for birds of all feathers. Stop in and you will see that we are your one stop backyard birding, nature, and gift store. You will find unique gifts, bird houses, windchimes, high quality feed and seed, home décor and so much more!
Backyard & Garden
We understand that many people who enjoy birds and birdwatching also enjoy spending time outdoors in their yards and gardens. You’ll find unique, high-quality products in our store, that have...
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Bird Baths
Fresh clean water is an essential part of attracting wild birds to your backyard, and a key ingredient for their health. Birds need water year-round, not only for drinking but...
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Bird Feeders
The eating habits of wild birds vary considerably; not only what they eat, but where and how they prefer to eat it. That’s why bird feeders come in such a...
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Bird Houses & Nesting
Wild birds require shelter from the elements and nesting places for them and their young. Bird houses are definitely not one-size-fits-all; the size of the bird needs to be kept...
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Bird Seed & Food
Offering a continuous, readily available supply of the appropriate food is perhaps the most important part of attracting wild birds, especially if you have a particular species in mind. While...
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Gifts & Home Decor
Many of our testimonials refer to the selection and appeal of the gifts available in our store. Chosen with backyard-birding and nature enthusiasts in mind, you’re sure to find a...
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Nectar & Jelly
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