Ask the Experts – How to Attract Wood Ducks

Meet your experts: Bob and Donna McFarland
Bob and Donna McFarland moved from the big city life in Houston, Texas to the small town rural life in Mount Vernon, Texas in 2007. They built a lake to grow bass but soon discovered it was an attraction to all types of wildlife, including ducks. After researching that wood ducks were cavity nesters they installed the first duck box on their lake and the wood duck adventure took off from there. They now monitor 12 wood duck boxes in total and have spent the last 12 years as stewards of lots of baby ducks. Included in their journey has been the opportunity to raise over 70 orphaned baby ducks through the monitoring of their duck nest boxes. In addition, they have donated and installed 146 duck boxes, pro-bono, for friends and neighbors in Upper East Texas where they reside.
Bob and Donna are joining Bird Man Mel on Facebook Live at 8 pm CDT on Tuesday, May 26th, As always – Bird Man Mel is giving away some BIG prizes!
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