Bluebirds  |  April 23, 2019

Bluebird Trivia

bluebird eggs in nest

It’s worth the wait when you wake up one morning and find tiny Bluebird Eggs in your backyard bird house.  

Here’s some Bluebird Trivia which you may not have known:

– Besides the usual blue, Bluebird’s eggs can also appear White.  Approximately 7% of Bluebirds’ eggs are white.  Females who lay white on their first brood eggs will generally only lay white eggs. 

–  The female Bluebird is the main incubator of the eggs.

– Bluebirds generally have two broods of nestlings a year, but sometimes they have three.

– Besides nesting boxes, Bluebirds’ nests can sometimes be found in wooden fence posts and hollow trees.  Bluebirds are cavity nesters.  Before nest boxes came into use, they nested in woodpecker holes in both fence posts and trees.  Due to alien bird species (which trail monitors will throw out) taking over their nesting places, and wooden fence posts being replaced with metal, most Bluebirds now nest in monitored boxes.

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Ultimate Bluebird House