Q & A, Shopping  |  April 30, 2020

Attracting Cardinals and other Western Songbirds Product List

Below is a list of products described in the “Attracting Cardinals” seminar. They can all be purchased at Songbird Station. Not local? Contact us and we will help locate your local wild bird supplier.
ALLIEDPR4WW Water Wiggler Standard
ANCIENT60325 Cardinals Galvanized
ANCIENT60327 Cardinals Flamed
AP33946 Wildflowers of the Northeast Playing Cards
AP35285 Cardinals
AP35339 C is for Cardinal
AP72615 Cardinals Blank Journal Lined
ASPECTS062 Cardinal Pair Window Thermometer
ASPECTS278 Vista-Dome
BS-410 Bottle Stopper – Cardinal
COBANEC399 Northern Cardinal Ornament
COBANEC413 Female Cardinal Ornament
GE105 Large Cardinal Circle Window Panel
GE115 Small Cardinal Circle Window Panel
GE141 Cardinal Sun Catcher
GE142 Cardinal Wind Chime
GE157 Cardinal Hook
GE180 Cardinal Bird Feeder
GE266 Cardinal Nightlight
GE400 Stocky Cardinal Keyholder
LOOF8005 Cardinal
NWBWF3 Bamboo Tray Feeder
PTF2010 Superior Blend 11.75 oz
REGAL11972 Bird Feeder Stake – Cardinal
REGAL12274 Cardinal Decor
REGAL12548 Bird Solar Lantern Cardinal
SE3880059 Cardinal Gord-O Bird House
SE5039 Perching Cardinals Bird Bath withStand
SE504 Mini Hanging Bird Bath Green
SE508 Classic 17 Garden Bird Bath
SE530 9 x 9 Hanging Tray Feeder
SE531 9 x 9 Clear Cover
SE995 Songbird Spa
SEFWC010 Cardinal Pin
SEHHHAPL Heart Fruit Feeder
SERUBGFR100 Ground Feeder Roof
SERUBHF55 Recycled Plastic Small Hopper Feeder
SERUBLHPF105 Hanging Platform Feeder
SERUBSFTR Small Red Fly-Thru Hopper
SERUBSPF100 Ground Platform Feeder Green
SERUBTF105 Tube Feeder with seed Tray
SESEED100GC Cardinal Chorus, 5 lb. + FREIGHT
WINDA1 Maple Leaf (4 per package)
WINDA3 Butterfly Decal (4 per package)
WINDA5 Hummingbird Decal (4 per package)
WINDA8 Square Decal
WINDA9 Leaf Medley Decal
WINDSBA Stop Bird Attack Window Spray
WL28715 Rustic Farmhouse Platform Wood Feeder
WR18221 Cardinal