Orioles  |  April 11, 2020

Orioles Seminar – Products

Below is a list of products described in the “Attracting Orioles” seminar. They can all be purchased at Songbird Station. Not local? Contact us and we will help locate your local wild bird supplier.

SE905 Ultimate Oriole Feeder
SEBCO212 Jelly/Jam Feeder
SEHHORFJ Oriole Fruit & Jelly Feeder
SERUBFJF Fruit&Jelly Oriole Fdr Orange
BE146 Petite Oriole Feeder
BE147 Double Fruit & Jelly Feeder
BE150 Oriole Bistro
AP35315 Orioles (book) 
CF98557 Hum/Oriole Fdr Clnr Spry 16oz
GEF1001 Sunflower Mesh Feeder
GEF1003 Black & White Cat Mesh Feeder
SE8012 12″ Limb Protecter
SE7030 4oz Birdbath Protector 
SE7034 8oz Birdbath Protector
BE200 4″ S-Hook w/1″ Opening
BE201 6″ S-Hook with 1″ Opening
BE202 12″ S- Hook with 1″ Opening
BE203 12″ Extension Hook 
PTF1080 Orange Suet Dough 12 oz
PD25154 24 inch Flying Oriole Spinner
SE102 Deluxe Green Suet Basket
SE630 8 oz. Oriole Nectar
SE645 24 oz Oriole Nectar
SEBCO230 Fliteline Junior 30 oz OrioleD
SEBCO243 Fliteline 52oz Oriole 
SESQ83O Oriole Magnet 12″ Baffle
BE100 Black Metal Window Hanger
SE2170722 Therm Sm! Bird Bait Oriole
SEFWC105 Oriole
SERUBSWFR Red Suet Window Feeder
SEHH12HK 12″ Copper Ivy Hang Decor
BE301 Floating Leaf Solar Bubbler
SEHHHAPL Heart Fruit Feeder
SEHHFRJL Fruit and Jelly Feeder
SERUBOR100 Oriole Diner Feeder
SERUBOR200 Diamond Oriole Feeder