Not Assigned  |  March 26, 2024

Fox Chapel Publishing Garden Secrets for Attracting Birds 2nd Edition

Build a healthy and productive ecosystem for birds and pollinators right in your own backyard!

Why attract birds to your yard? Their stunning natural beauty, the sweet melody of birdsong, their fascinating behaviors, and their ability to help control insects are just a few of the reasons to welcome these winged creatures to your outdoor space. Many birds are also important pollinators that help keep your garden blooming!

Easy-to-read and jam-packed with insightful information, this second edition of Garden Secrets for Attracting Birds provides valuable insight to show you how to turn your yard and garden into a haven for birds. You’ll find ideas to help you choose the right combination of plants, shrubs, and trees for your favorite birds, select the seed mixes and other treats each species finds irresistible, and learn which types of bird feeders and shelters are preferred by a wide variety of gorgeous backyard birds.

Including sparrows, wrens, icterids, cardinals, mimids, jays, swallows, nuthatches, thrushes, flycatchers, doves, and so many more, this must-have resource details the habits and tendencies of birds from across the country. It provides helpful details on the flowers, fruits, and trees that attract specific species. With the book’s updated interior design, you’ll find detailed profiles featuring a combination of photography and beautifully rendered color illustrations depicting each type of bird alongside interesting facts, unique characteristics, maps of their seasonal locations, useful notes about their behavior, which seed mixes and shelters each bird species prefer, tips on choosing the right birdhouse and making the best use of feeders, and more.