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Decorative Bird Baths

Decorative Bird Baths

Songbird-friendly decorative glass birdbaths make attractive and functional additions to your yard or green space. Come in to view our wide selection of materials and styles.

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Oriole Nectar

We offer Oriole Nectar that simulates natural nectar found in flowers that orioles typically feed from in nature.

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Hummingbird Nectar Mix

Hummingbird Nectar mix, is an easy mix that mixes instantly with tap water, with no boiling required.

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Blueberry Jelly

Our BirdBery Jelly is all natural is doesn’t contain any preservatives. It is great for attracting Orioles and other birds.

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Squirrel Resistant Feeders

We offer Brome Squirrel Resistant Feeders as well as a variety of baffles and accessories designed to  keep squirrels from raiding your bird feeders!

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Stone Age Creations

Long-lasting and durable Hand-carved, natural-stone products for yard, garden and indoors.

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Waterproof shoes and boots available in fun prints with special all-day comfort insoles.

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Briarwood Lane Doormats & Flags

Briarwood Lane Doormats and Flags feature bright, crisp original artwork for every season! Easy to clean and fade resistant, Briarwood Lane makes it easy to add color to your home! We carry an extensive selection of designs year round.


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Greatest Selection!

Bird Man Mel

Songbird Station has the widest variety of bird seed and food in Mid-Missouri – more than what you see here. Stop in; we’ll help you choose exactly what you need.

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Peanut Butter Suet Plugs

Peanut Butter Suet Plugs

Loved by woodpeckers, nuthatches, titmice and chickadees. No fillers! Just suet, peanuts and peanut butter.