Squirrels & Critters  |  January 22, 2019

How to Deter Squirrels

Although Songbird Station is a birding store, one other critter often dominates a conversation – squirrels! They’re often a headache for backyard birders, but they’re just doing what they need to survive. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to keep them from swiping the food in your bird feeders.

Some bird feeders are specifically designed to deter squirrels.

We feature them prominently inside our store, since they’re so popular. A customer favorite is the Squirrel Defeater Seed Feeder (SE980). It cleverly features 3 individually weight-controlled seed ports that will close if something heavy like a squirrel gets on them.

Baffles are another solution; they keep squirrels from climbing up (or down) to your feeders.

Pole-mounted baffles keep squirrels from climbing up poles and come in a variety of sizes. Our largest is the Predator Defeater (SESQR87), which also blocks raccoons. You can also view some hanging baffles in the store; we’ll help you choose the right one.

Another way to discourage squirrels is by choosing seeds that they don’t like to eat. Safflower seed tastes very bitter to most mammals, and will deter raccoons and deer as well as squirrels. However, cardinals, grosbeaks, titmice, nuthatches and other birds, love it!

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